• What to Expect

    Fast Set Up and Full Customization

    Sign up for Wellbeing Monitor account that suits your family’s requirements. Our Quick Start Guide shows you how. Create a custom schedule of activities to mirror your relative’s daily routine.
  • Personalized Wellbeing Activities

    Our solution provides flexible control to not only build the right schedule for your family member but also easily modify it as their requirements change over time.
  • Clear and Concise Notifications

    There’s no need to constantly ask, worry or wonder how your relative is doing. You’ll know their current status at-a-glance, and whether their scheduled activities have been completed as expected.
  • Smart Alerts and Escalation

    Should your family member does not respond to a scheduled event, a custom alert path notifies you via SMS message and/or email and can automatically send to multiple contacts (e.g. extended family members) should you be away on vacation.


User Experiences

  • I wasn’t sure if a solution like this was right for me. My daughter signed up for the free trial and I agreed to give it a go. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at how we’ve integrated this into both our lives. It’s no chore at all – and there are no cameras so I never feel ‘watched’. But perhaps the best part is that I know my daughter doesn’t feel guilty and isn’t unnecessarily concerned about me – that’s the way it should be, for both of us!” - Edna Barton, NC, USA
  • My father is very proud and independent, always has been. Communicating his care needs isn’t something that comes easily. The Wellbeing Monitor solution is perfect for us – my wife and I know he’s keeping well on his farm, just the same as always, and he knows how to contact us if he needs to. Even though he retired many years ago, he’s still the boss, and that’s just the way he likes it! Thanks Wellbeing Monitor.” - Dan Adams, CA, USA
  • I bought my Mom a tablet for her birthday, pre-loaded with the Wellbeing Monitor app. She loves it! It has given us a new way to discuss her care needs and daily routine now and then, without her feeling like she’s being judged about how well she’s coping by herself. We can easily make minor adjustments as we go so there is no huge shift in lifestyle for her. Perhaps the biggest shift is in my own perception of just how valuable a person’s sense of independence is to their overall wellbeing. I’ve already recommended it to friends with senior parents in similar situations.” - Caroline Beek, London, UK

What is a Wellbeing Monitor?

A Trusted Solution for a Familiar Senior Care Challenge

Created in accordance with the principles of universal design for use by seniors and their trusted family members, the Wellbeing Monitor brings confidence, reliability and reassurance to independent living. We’ve combined the convenience, practicality and accessibility found in today’s best smartphone and tablet app technologies, with the familiar comfort, personal connection, attention to detail and individual understanding that comes with family care. The result is the Wellbeing Monitor.

Responsive Support for Independent Seniors

Many seniors are happy to carry on with their independent lifestyles and require only a minimal amount of additional care support to sustain the benefits of ageing in place. In many cases, they may not have the advantage of a nearby or fully available family member and this gap in their needs can become a source of anxiety for the entire family. Wellbeing Monitor meets this need with a remote wellbeing solution to ensure day-to-day wellbeing is maintained, and should urgent assistance ever be required, seniors are only one-click away from the response they need.