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Can Help Families
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The #1 app solution that lets you know your loved ones are safe and well

Supports Independence
Seniors are supported in continuing the same independent lifestyle they currently enjoy without disruption to their daily routine or the involvement of third-party care providers.
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Provides Peace
of Mind
Even family members separated by great distances can be reassured of their loved one’s wellbeing. Should assistance be required, alerts will reliably inform them.
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Non-Intrusive Monitoring
Designed with the utmost respect for the user’s personal privacy and in accordance with their own unique, carefully chosen wellbeing activities and lifestyle requirements.
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Personal Control
Users control their wellbeing status and confirmation of routine activities at all times and can let family members know if they are out or sleeping.
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“Mom didn’t want to leave her own home and her circle of friends, but I constantly worried about her being so far away…

What if she needed me? It began to put a strain on our relationship. Every ‘solution’ seemed like a compromise too far; we just didn’t know what to do for the best. Then a close friend told me about Wellbeing Monitor. We’ve never looked back, and despite still living on opposite sides of the country, Mom and I have never been closer!” - Brooke Miller, CA